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Immersive training and experience.
For Industry.

Discover the next generation of energy training with immersive storytelling.

Our cutting-edge technology allows learners in the energy sector to experience a limitless training reality, resulting in higher engagement, retention, and mastery of key concepts.

From safety training to technical knowledge acquisition, Stage is the solution for the energy sector's evolving training needs.


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"We can have the vendor seeing what the problem is, giving advice and sharing information directly at the worksite."
— Martin Scargill, Managing Director – Centrica Storage, Centrica.

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Multi-User, Multi-Location.
Have classes of users conduct training at the same time, in the same digital space, all collaborating and communicating with one another. No matter their physical location, from anywhere in the world user can attend and conduct their training in an immersive environment collaboratively or not.
Hazard-less Environments.
Remove the Hazards, some training exercises require potentially dangerous situations, our Narrative-based Learning environments remove this need; we realise that nothing beats real-world, but having trainees prepare themselves virtually, reduces the risks. Your Health and Safety Officer will thank you.
Interactive Learning.
Backed by numerous peer-reviewed studies, interactive learning is one of the most powerful forms of learning. Attention rates, engagement and knowledge retention have been proven to significantly increase when learners interact with their learning content. By adopting Stage, you are assuring that the trainees you deliver content to are; fully engaged, maintaining attention, and most importantly retaining the imparted knowledge. 

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Anywhere, anytime. With accessible Virtual Reality.
Stage can be accessed anywhere. Not just into the training room, but from a remote office, home and even out at sea. Training should not disrupt operations, they should wholly accessible wherever the user needs. Stage allows for the same experience regardless of the learner’s physical location.
Customise your Assessments.
Sometime training requires some customisation, no two facilities are identical, each have fundamental differences, but they often operate the same sense of safety. Stage provides both use-cases, only use structured training routines through all your facilities; create a single Deck for all. Require custom training for your various site, simply create experiences for each site and share organisation wide.

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Let's expand training into the metaverse.

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