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Immersive like
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With ways to demonstrate concepts that are simply not possible with conventional teaching methods, Stage is the secret power for your classroom.

Discover Sequential Narrative-based Learning today, with Stage.

Stage, is a Metaverse. A Metaverse that emphasizes narrative-based learning using immersive technology such as AR and VR. Using sequential slides; much like PowerPoint, Stage drives user engagement, reduces class distractions and aids in knowledge retention through interactive content. The content is authored by you, we provide the tools and you the educator build your immersive lesson your way to create and tell incredible stories and most importantly have fun.  


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From Presentations to Immersive Learning.
Remove the need for long, 2D, non-interactive presentations. Create immersive narrative-based lessons that helps deliver your curriculum and without the need for technical knowledge, by building these experiences easily with our Stage Editor. Designed to be 'as-easy-as-PowerPoint'.  
Redefine the Bounds of the Classroom.
Redefine the way you deliver content to students and reshape the rules of classroom learning. By adding immersive experiences to your teaching, students can interact, collaborate, and most importantly engage with the lesson. Bring in content otherwise inaccessible, hazardous or feasibility impossible into your classroom, have students be immersed in the subject giving them an almost tangible experience.
Accessible Learning. Everywhere.
Stage can be accessed anywhere. Not just in your classroom room, but from another campus, and even at home. Learning should not be restrictive; it should be wholly accessible wherever and whenever the learner needs. Stage allows for the same experience regardless of the learner’s physical location and ability.
A Safe Space.
Give your students the ability to identify with themselves and their peers through digital avatars which they can design and update themselves, making them feel safer and reflect their true personality. With permission available to teachers to provide and revoke access, and tools to ensure students feel safe in the Metaverse.   

A New Era for Teaching

Solutions or brief points.

Reality but Virtual.
With Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) support provides a more immersive experience for students (with compatible hardware) increasing engagement, collaboration and enhancing their sense of presence.
Precision Tracked or Not.
By pairing Stage with our Ceiling-Mounted Tracking Volume, students can see each other in the digital space; aligned with their real-world self, and move around objects that appear scaled to reality. Or, be remote, and free of the tracking volume but still present.

What Our educational partners are saying

Don't just take our word for it, See how Stage is being used in the real world.

The team at VISR have been very supportive, helping staff with minimal VR experience to become innovative content creators, developing scenarios for curriculum and personal development. It’s exciting to see the system developing constantly with new features, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Tom M – Bishop Burton College

With Stage, we have the power to provide our students with immersive and interactive learning opportunities. We are incredibly grateful for the impact VISR and Stage have had on our college so far, empowering us to embrace new technologies and deliver a truly innovative learning environment.

Caroline (Digital Champion) – Bishop Burton College
Working with VISR has been a game-changer for the Learning Resources Centre at Bishop Burton College, propelling it towards a digital future enriched by VR-based learning.

Dan, has been an invaluable asset throughout the installation process. His extensive knowledge, combined with his patience and approachability, has ensured a seamless set-up and equipped myself and the team with invaluable skills.

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