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Immersive Storytelling,
like never before.



Self Owned

Self Owned





3D Model Experience


Discover the power of immersive storytelling today, with Stage.

Join over 35,000 active users already participating in the Stage Metaverse, a world leading storytelling solution for creators and learners alike.

You can explore new virtual worlds, engage with customizable avatars, and collaborate in ways that were never possible before - all while feeling safe and in control of your own digital experience.

Drive Engagement in any Learning Environment

An unparalleled level of active participation through immersive storytelling, creating a truly memorable experience.
Work together in the same virtual space, regardless of their physical location. Beneficial for remote teams or distributed groups.
Immersive Audio.
Spatial sound improves the user experience by simulating sounds that seem to come from specific locations in the virtual environment, mimicking real-world communication.
Multimedia Support.
Share and consume a wide range of media file types including PDFs, images, audio, and videos.

Create and Own your Metaverse

You create your metaverse, you create the assets, we provide the tools.


Determine people's access to content via permissions, also gift access to other institutions and share with the world by publishing - show-off your incredible experiences.


Institution owned tenancy allows solid ownership over their resource library.
You create.
You own.

Accessibility. It's at the heart of what we do.

Regardless of location, physical ability, and potential psychological effects everyone has access.

Creating a safe Metaverse for all

Federated authentication to protect every user's identity.


Access via the institutions security policy, this includes federated authentication, Two-Factor Authentication and synchronisation with pre-existing user and profile services.


Avatars allow users to represent themselves. Customize to reflect your individual preference and personality.

Key Features

VR & MR.
Virtual reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) support can provide a more immersive experience for users with compatible hardware.
Create metaverse experience as you would PowerPoint, slide-by-slide. Our sequence file-type allows users to create metaverses like they’re telling a story.
Content Manipulation.
Asset manipulation features enable users to create, modify, and manipulate digital assets including GLTFs, Images, Videos, PDFs, and more within STAGE.
User Profiles via Licenses.
User profiles can store information about a user's preferences, permissions, and activity history. By tying user profiles to licenses, STAGE usage is based on a user's subscription level.

Let's get started.

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