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Join the real-time revolution with VERTX.

Real-time technology is the key to driving success in the modern workplace, connecting smart devices, people and processes, bringing them together to add real value.

Building connected technology from the ground up is difficult, requiring complex design, and difficult implementation to ensure it is properly scalable and robust enough for corporate environments.

We don’t think this should be the case.


A powerful set of tools, allowing any developer to build rich and connected experiences that are ready for the workplace at the click of a button.

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Enterprise Ready

Integrating new technologies and applications into the workplace can be difficult due to restrictive IT and firewall policies. We’ve built VERTX to require minimal to no firewall configurations in most modern workplaces.
Image of users around a centralised database of assets

Asset Library

Modern information workers produce huge amounts of data in a variety of different formats. It can be difficult to share these across your organisation in a way that's compliant and also makes this data easily searchable and available. We have an asset library that handles that.
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Multi-User at Scale

The most impactful apps connect us and help us drive value. Trying to appropriate game technology off the shelf to achieve this is incredibly difficult. VERTX was purposely built for enterprise multi-user experiences on the backbone of tried and tested massively-multiplayer online games technology, scaling seamlessly with your user requirements.
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Secure Unified Account

Authentication is a really important part of connected applications as you need to know who users are. It’s very difficult to provide robust authentication across a suite of applications without being experts. Our SDK can do this for you, ensuring sign in to be safe, secure, and smooth.

You're in good company

For the last 7 years, we’ve proudly worked with incredible partners across the globe to realise their visions of the future.
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Microsoft Service Integration

Microsoft are experts in Enterprise, and we believe in using the best tools for the job. That’s why we’ve integrated their technologies within VERTX, and can help implement their services quickly and effectively into your business too.
We’re proud to be among the first Microsoft Mixed Reality partners in Europe, and have worked closely with Microsoft for over 5 years.
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Microsoft Azure

Ditch messing with servers. By leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure, you have access to low latency and highly available cloud from 37 data centres around the world up and running within 24 hours.
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Azure Active Directory

Billions of users rely on Azure Active Directory for enterprise identity, and we’ve built VERTX knowing we must support this. Azure AD provides single-sign on and multi-factor authentication to help protect your users from 99.9% of cybersecurity attacks, and a single identity platform lets you engage with internal and external users more securely.
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Azure Remote Rendering

Rendering high fidelity models is demanding on hardware, especially mobile devices. With Azure Remote Rendering, offload this to the cloud and render intractive content up to tens of millions of polygons, and stream to your devices in real-time. All while being easily accessible through VERTX, with automatic session management and billing, and a setup time of days rather than weeks.
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Azure Spatial Anchors

Create mixed reality and real-time experiences with Spatial Anchors, in which millions of 3D objects and their spatial data persist within their location across devices over time, ensuring content is always rendered readily. Let us do the heavy lifting of bringing the power of the spatial cloud to your app with deep service integrations in every aspect of our sdk.
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Microsoft Teams

Build your JavaScript apps to be integrated direct with Teams for ease of access. Take advantage of teams app features, such as bots and tabs.
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Feature List

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Power of Choice

We believe in options, so we’ve built VERTX to accommodate a broad set of development approaches, leaving you to choose what’s best for you.


Build for the worlds most ubiquitous engine. If you’re a Unity developer, VERTX has it’s own full feature Unity plugin.


Build 3D experiences for the modern web, including Microsoft Teams apps.


Build for everything else. Unlock the potential of billions of devices, from Raspberry Pi to the world's largest server farms that run .NET Core.
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Asset Handling

VERTX can handle and network all your assets, across all your applications, from a single unified location.


VERTX is a universally accessible web-platform, meaning your files are accessible from whichever devices you require.


A single point of contact for how you store and manage 3D assets, dynamic content, and data inside a business. Enable rapid decisions with files referenced and loaded directly from the asset library to your apps and devices. This is asset sharing that still complies within strict company and security policy.


Efficiency is key. With powerful tagging options, use assets in numerous scenarios with ease.


VERTX deliberately supports GLTF as in our opinion the open standard of 3D. Adopt a standardised 3D format supported by all browsers, most game engines, all devices. It’s incredibly powerful and freeing to not worry about whether an asset will work for your project.


Without having to relaunch or rebuild a scene, dynamically re-load new models on the fly as they receive changes.


VERTX Engine features converters for popular formats such as OBJ & FBX to GLTF.


We have a system specifically for converting industry standard formats to the azure remote rendering format. We handle all communication with the Microsoft services that makes that happen. Convert and manage the content pipeline for ARR assets natively as part of VERTX Engine, ensuring you’re ready to take advantage of the unlimited computing power of the cloud.


High levels of control of your assets and how they’re accessed by others, and where they have access from. Files can only be viewed by those with permission inside and/or outside your organisation.​
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Spatial Computing

Bring mixed reality and real-time services to enterprise; streamline your process by integrating directly with existing IoT.


Create digital representations of real environments, reflecting real-world changes in hardware, devices, and individuals within these spaces. The USG is the open standard of knowing what’s happening in real-time in an space, built for the web. It’s the backbone of why we’re able to offer experiences on multiple platforms.We’re incredibly proud of the USG and look forward to sharing more soon!.


With Azure spatial anchors built into VERTX, you can create Mixed Reality experiences in which objects persist within their location across devices over time. Spatial Anchors supports HoloLens devices, ARKit-enabled iOS devices, and ARCore-enabled Android devices.


Contextually integrate IOT data; understand and translate pre-existing processes into a spatial environment.
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VERTX was purposely built for enterprise multi-user experiences, scaling seamlessly with your user requirements.


With modern WebSocket technology, if a device in a corporate network can open any page on the internet, you can use VERTX for real-time communication. No need to talk to IT about special rules for special applications. None of the red tape. If you’re allowed to use the internet at work, you can use the real-time functionality of the VERTX Engine.


Proprietary UDP based multiplayer solutions tend to use proprietary encryption, which is prone to hacking. Because we use web sockets, we’re able to use web security techniques like SSL and HTTPS TLSv2. The same security used with banking apps. Proven, tested and extremely secure. This is why we can be confident in our security.


VERTX handles the complexities of dealing with Web RTC to allow you to deliver a robust and high quality video and audio experience. For mixed reality apps, the web, and desktop applications. Video integration Coming Soon.


Stop worrying about servers and infrastructure when you’re thinking about large multi-user applications. It’s critically important to not be limited when it comes to scaling your business and apps in a way that’s secure and robust. We use a horizontally scaling system to manage multiple users, scaling out horizontally across a server cluster as needed. We do this so you can be free to think about the user experience and what makes your app great instead.
Image of cubes in 3D space appearing out of a screen


Authentication and Identity are key to any business, and VERTX is built with this critical need in mind.


A single account will have you covered across all your apps built on VERTX, using Microsoft Azure AD. You can trust sign in to be safe, secure, and smooth for even the most restrictive IT policies.


Strong identity authentication handlers built ontop of OpenID Connect provide enterprise level authentication for VERTX.


Our authentication technology is built on open ID and Microsoft Active Directory, the worlds most popular authentication system which proves strong identity for billions of users.

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