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Who are we

VISR was founded over 5 years ago, beginning with two entrepreneurs with the belief and vision that Virtual and Augmented Reality could change the world. We’ve since grown to a team of dedicated and enthusiastic Mixed Reality experts, driving innovation, cost savings and process improvements within a range of industries. Starting out as the largest supplier of Google Cardboard headsets and apps in EMEA, we have a wealth of experience to draw on. VISR were one of the first Microsoft Mixed Reality Partners, forging a relationship with Microsoft and the HoloLens from the beginning. Over the years we’ve worked with a number of large and small businesses alike to introduce Mixed Reality to their workflow. Beginning our HoloLens work in the Retail sector, we’ve completed projects across Manufacturing, Energy, Fashion, Hospitality and more. Our team strive to innovate and deliver the best possible experiences. We won’t settle for low quality or unfriendly interfaces, and we’ll always push ourselves to deliver the best possible outcomes.

What we do

We’ve seen the Mixed Reality industry mature and change over the years, but a number of key ideas and use cases remain consistent throughout this change. We focused all of our experience and knowledge to build our own VERTX platform, providing a powerful framework for us to build client solutions with. It is on this platform that many of our projects, including FUSE, were built and continue to run to this day. We’ve since opened up the platform to other developers, hoping to drive forward innovation and development within the industry, and lowering the barrier to entry. VERTX makes it easy for developers to get started, and implements much of the behavior that developers need (Such as Multiplayer, Asset Streaming and IoT data), including some extras such as AI and Machine Vision.

Whether you’re looking for us to build a completely bespoke solution, or you just want to utilize our engine, we strive for quality and we’d love to help. You can find information across our site, or contact us for more info.  Seeing is believing, and we’d love to give you a demo of the kind of projects we’ve completed in the past. Get in touch and we’d be happy to arrange a meeting!

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