VERTX has served as the backbone for a variety of industry projects

These companies created groundbreaking projects utilising mixed reality technology.

Centrica – Virtual meeting system

A collaborative virtual environment for conducting meetings around accurate scale models of large sites and facilities. Multiple users are able to view and manipulate models at the same time, enabling and disabling visual data layers on the model with a simple drag and drop interface.

Planning & Safety

Visualise site plans for access and safety

Virtual Meeting

View and discuss the same scenario with shared view

Scale accurate models

Detailed and accurate models allow for precise planning

Manufacturing – Machine training & testing

Using virtual reality, machine operators are trained to operate machinery by interacting with accurate and detailed reproductions of the machinery. Users are guided through specific steps of the process, and quizzed upon completion of the course.

Virtual Reality training

Full immersive VR training for manufacturing

Performance testing

Integrated user performance testing in VR

Accurate & Realistic

Detailed replication of machinery

Audi – Engine construction and repair

Using machine learning and the Microsoft HoloLens, engineers can be guided through the construction or repair process of an Audi engine. Parts are recognised by the object recognition and posture detection system, meaning instructions are always accurate and up to date.

Machine Learning

System learns to recognise objects over time

Object Recognition & Posture detection

System detects components during maintenance for guidance

AB InBev – Visualising sales

Sales representatives are able to streamline their process by having access to visual data, relating to the site they are currently visiting. IoT devices attached to drink lines allows for live data to be streamed directly to the rep, meaning they always have access to accurate and relevant data.

Live IoT Data

Live and accurate data from IoT systems generate data

Collaborative data visualisation

Visualise data linked to physical objects, together