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VERTX Remote Support empowers front-line workers with an immediate access field call service, connecting workers to key experts with the touch of a button. These experts can be in their control room, or anywhere in the world, providing guidance via a voice and video feed and with live annotations. Less downtime, no waiting for experts to travel to site, meaning reduced costs and increased efficiency across the entire organisation.
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Onboarding new technology shouldn’t be a pain. VERTX Remote Support is web based, meaning there’s no application installation required, and it’s quick to get started on all your existing devices. Simply roll out VERTX Remote Support to your existing hardware to create a reliable support network across your workforce.
Scan the QR code to request assistance.
An expert will respond to assist you.

Features &

Scan a QR code to launch app

Simple to access quick, direct support reducing time taken to problem solve and the time taken using expensive resources.

Video calls with inbuilt annotation tool for precise guidance

Allows for clear visual confirmation and guidance, allowing for more precise decision making and quicker task completion, increasing the amount of jobs that can be done and increasing equipment uptime.

Easy to setup personalised contacts list

Minimal impact on staff resources and technical requirements, keeping the cost of deployment low and ongoing management simple.

Call centre dashboard

Distribute the right task support to the right department, reducing the time spent routing to the right person, getting tasks completed in less time and reducing the amount of engineering time involved.

Cross-device support, with no application install. Runs from the browser

No need for another device, make use of pre existing technologies without the need for, expensive purchases or multiple devices

Remote visual support removes the need for unecessary site visits

Reduces overall site visits and inturn costs whilst also allowing technicians to have more "tool in hand time" and be more productive.

Rapid support with
Live Annotations

VERTX Remote Support’s annotation tool empowers experts to annotate on the frontline workers field of view enabling experts to clearly demonstrate and guide the engineer through a task with high accuracy.

Go hands free with

With the Microsoft HoloLens, VERTX Remote Support users can receive their expert guidance while remaining hands free. Guides and documentation can be sent over and float in their field of view, enabling engineers to follow tasks smoothly without having to put down their tools.

Freedom with
Source Code Access

We believe collaborative relationships are the strongest. That’s why we offer our partners the freedom to build, modify, and White Label our solutions with source code access, and provide them with direct support from our developers too.

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Our advisors are ready and waiting to answer any queries you may have and assist you in moving forward.



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£1000 / MONTH

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More than 50 users? You may be eligible for a free trial