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VERTX Stage enhances collaboration by providing a shared virtual stage in which users examine and discuss 3D models shared from an online bank of assets. Join these meetings from the same space, or anywhere in the world, and share and discuss designs in real-time. Save on travel, make quicker design iterations and sales, and even accelerate onboarding and training.
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Presence in communication is key, especially as we find ourselves unable to meet in the same physical spaces due to COVID-19. With VERTX Stage, share 3D designs and products with colleagues or customers immediately, in Mixed Reality. Ensure connection, collaboration and presence in long distance meetings.
Create or join a session.
Place 3D assets into a shared space.
Discuss and interact with assets together.


  • Make better decisions by looking at designs and products at real world scale, in their intended real-world setting with Augmented Reality.
  • Increase quality and efficiency of remote collaboration by enabling meetings, presentations, and onboardings from anywhere in the world.
  • An engaging and interactive way for remote customers to interact with immediate access to your entire product catalogue on any device.
  • Empower product designers and developers with a new and efficient tool for product development.
  • Ensure rapid 3D prototyping by viewing product iterations on your devices.
  • Reduces costs by avoiding unnecessary transportation of large and complex products to customers and exhibitions.


  • Voice communication
  • Cross-platform experiences between AR, MR, VR.
  • Import models to a secure 3D model library.
  • Add and remove models to a meeting as needed.
  • Avatar representations of people in a shared space.
  • View your own products and 3D models in real environments through a smartphone, tablet, Oculus Quest, or Microsoft HoloLens.

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Source Code Access

We believe collaborative relationships are the strongest. That’s why we offer our partners the freedom to build, modify, and White Label our solutions with source code access, and provide them with direct support from our developers too.

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