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Project Highlight

Audi Engine Construction and Repair

Using machine learning and the Microsoft HoloLens, engineers can be guided through the construction or repair process of an Audi engine. Parts are recognised by the object recognition and posture detection system, meaning instructions are always accurate and up to date

Project Overview

Audi were looking for a solution to their training and guidance systems, hoping to allow new engineers to learn how to perform maintenance, but also support experienced engineers if they want to confirm their steps. With MR and AI, we were able to deliver a solution that solved their business needs.

Mixed Reality

In this project, Microsoft HoloLens was used to help the engineer keep their head up and hands free, to allow them to perform the steps without having to hold a tablet or other device. We believed this is the optimal solution, allowing the engineer the freedom to work without obstruction.

Machine Learning

Using Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and some custom solutions from the VISR Team, we were able to build a highly accurate Object Classifier for Audi’s Engine Components, combined with a Posture Detector to determine the position of the parts. This could then be used to generate a range of procedural animations to walk the engineer through the process, step by step.

The Lab

VISR is based in Hull, in the North East of England. Recognised as the 2017 City of Culture, Hull has a thriving tech community and some of the fastest broadband available in the UK.

Our offices are sited next to the University of Hull, and have capacity for your team to work remotely or onsite with us if you’d like!

William Meade

Programme Manager – VERTX

As one of the founding developers of our VERTX platform, Will has a wealth of knowledge for developing MR solutions using modern technologies

Louis Deane


With 10+ years experience in the Games Development and Enterprise Solutions industries, Louis can solve even the most challenging problems with Mixed Reality

Aslan Silva

Programme Manager – Innovation Labs

Aslan’s history in the Games Development industry gives him the project planning and leadership skills necessary to deliver you the perfect solution