FUSE is a VERTX powered Guided Maintenance Toolkit for Front-line Engineers. Providing a Holographic interface for guiding engineers through advanced tasks, remote assistance can be called at the push of a button

Advanced Holographic Interface

Keep your engineers hands free with Microsoft HoloLens. Instructions are overlaid onto the real world, avoiding the need for tablets, phones and other handhelds.

Remote Assistance

When things don’t go as expected, a remote engineer is just a button press away. Remote engineers can see through the eyes of the onsite staff to diagnose problems.

Easy to Update

Rolling out new equipment? Changed your SOPs? FUSE can be easily updated using the Web Interface, and changes can be rolled out immediately.

Visualize your Hardware

FUSE can connect to almost any existing equipment, putting real time status information where you need it

Digital Twin

Want next level information? Walk around a digital twin of your facility, and view status of connected equipment from the real world. Perfect for guiding onsite engineers, the digital twin gives deeper understanding of the environment to remote engineers.

Proactive Maintainence

Need to perform some preventative maintenance? Schedule tasks from within the FUSE environment, to be picked up by the next available engineer.

Wide Compatibility

FUSE’s hardware sensors can be connected to almost any existing infrastructure, converting your legacy equipment to modern, smart control systems. Not sure if it’ll work for you? Contact us to find out!